Have you seen Playmobil yet?

The kids will love putting this gear together and playing all day.

Items like the Playmobil Police Headquarters features a command centre, a landing pad for helicopters, a small prison and wall through which the inmates can escape and other fun features that will help you create grand police adventures.

Or, set sail for swashbuckling adventures with the Pirate Raiders’ Ship. The fastest ship on the high seas, this floating ship features three main sails and can outrun pursuing soldier patrols. Don’t want to wait for bath time to play with this ship? Just snap the included wheels into the base to allow it to roll on hard surfaces, ensuring that kids can enjoy pirate adventures any time.

Perhaps you enjoy space, the final frontier, with the Playmobil Mars Space Station with two astronauts, robot, and a functioning double laser shooter.

Amazing german quality, the kids will play for hours!!

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